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About Stichting mHS Global Impact

mHS Global Impact is a not-for-profit organization established under the laws of The Netherlands as a Stichting (Foundation) and is recognised as a Public Benefit Organisation ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority).

Address: Frans Halslaan 101, 3723ED Bilthoven, NL
Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 75415372
RSIN (Rechtspersonen Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatie Nummer): 8602.74.664


The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and habitat for low income communities globally by offering a range of activities related to design and development of innovative products and services (including technology) for inclusive and disaster-resilient housing, interdisciplinary research, capacity building, knowledge exchange & program management.

Policy plan

The Foundation’s scope is to pilot and scale projects of disaster resilient housing leveraging and building on innovations in digital technology for improved organisational effectiveness and last mile delivery of technical services.

Program activities include:

  1. Program Development and Fundraising: Partnerships to raise resources for innovations- pilot and scaling in new geographies both in India and globally.
  2. Developing & delivering modules for best practices for masons and low-income households, budgeting information, financial literacy on home-construction processes.  Focus on user friendly digital content in collaboration with partners.
  3. Institutional Capacity Building: Empowering NGOs, micro-housing finance agencies to adopt digital technology through trainings and pilots.
  4. Research, Knowledge Management and Sharing: Organise and coordinate with Institutions, publications on disaster resilient housing and attendance and participation in events such as United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction, Accelerating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Foundation will hire expertise including Program Management, Fundraising and Technical staff to carry out the above activities. It is also expected to work with Partners and engage service providers such as for software development.

The Fundraising activities would be through (indicative):

  1. a) Grant Funding from Corporates, Foundations and Multilateral/Bilateral governmental agencies;
  2. b) Strategic Partnerships with Social housing enterprises and other humanitarian agencies; and
  3. c) Technical engagements and service consulting agreements for disaster resilient housing

The budget for the year [April 2020- March 2021] is expected to be Euro 200,000.

Board and Supervisory Board

The Foundation is managed by the Board of the Foundation. It does not currently have a supervisory board. The members of the Board are as follows:

Mukta Naik, secretary –

Daniel de Rooij, treasurer –

Randolph de Cuba, chairman –

Remuneration policy

The ‘DG-norm’ (also called ‘MFS II norm’) was introduced by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the end of 2009. According to this salary standard, the directors of organizations involved in development cooperation do not earn more than the basic salary earned by a Director-General (DG) at a Dutch Ministry. The Foundation adheres to this norm.

Board members have the right to request compensation for costs incurred, such as travel expenses or telephone costs, or compensation related to their programmatic roles.

Report on planned activities

This section will be updated soon.

Financial accountability

The Foundation’s financial resources may consist of subsidies, donations, bequests, assets acquired by testamentary disposition and any further revenues. The implementation of accounting and preparation of financial statements will be prepared by a qualified accountant.  The financial statements and explanatory notes will be approved each year by the Board.

Financial Statements

Contact details

+39 320 0211094

Foreign Public Charity Equivalency Determination

mHS Global Impact is part of the NGOsource repository of Equivalency Determination (ED) certified organizations. The certification is available at


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