People Deserve Better Cities

We work to improve resilience and quality of life of low-income Communities.

We Design for Social Impact

We are a social venture that focuses on improving the quality of the informally built environment in developing countries.

Our interdisciplinary think-and-do tank works towards the goal of making our cities more resilient and socially inclusive.

By leveraging data, technology and participatory processes, we develop innovative services and technological products to support and empower vulnerable communities to be more resilient to natural hazards and ready to adapt and contrast the effect of climate changes.

Our Method

Design & Research

We follow a human centered design approach, working with the communities and the local stakeholders.

Pilot & Scale

We constantly improve through lean experimentation, in-field iterations and user feedback, in order to deliver innovative solutions at scale.

Policy Advocacy

We use on-ground results to influence policy and work with the civil society & Governments.

What We Do

Digital Solutions

We design and implement digital products to improve the resilience and quality of the built environment across the World.

Architecture for Development

We design innovative housing and shelter solutions as well as urban development strategies to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities.


We provide consultancy to organizations, governments, and communities to design programs, products, and services focused on fostering positive change on human settlements.